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 Our Expertise:


            New ways to educate Catholics in traditional Catholic settings

                        -- at the college, high school, and primary school levels

                        -- advising, presentations, research

                        -- analysis of Catholic content of current academic and student                            affairs programs

                        -- positive approaches for improvement

                        -- sponsoring Catholic educational programs jointly with other                            Catholic institutions

            Re-animating parish culture

                        -- practical programs for parishes

                        -- advising and analysis of current programs

            Cultural analysis

                        -- the critical changes that have occurred in U.S. society and                            the Church

                        -- the types of changes in the Catholic culture necessary in the                            next twenty years

                        -- changes in the culture of Catholic hospitals and other                            Catholic organizations


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 Active Programs


About  Us


The Catholic Education Institute is a 501 c 3 not-for-profit corporation. It has two main goals: to develop new ways to enhance the education of Catholics and to increase the number of individuals with expertise in various facets of the Catholic intellectual tradition.

Fr. John Piderit, S.J. serves as president and Dr. Melanie Morey is the senior director for research at the Catholic Education Institute. Father Piderit leads the group involved in providing new ways of religiously educating and forming Catholic children attending public grade schools. Dr. Morey and Fr. Piderit serve together as the principals for all educational initiatives at the tertiary level and beyond.

The Catholic Education Institute is independently incorporated under a board of directors which meets three times a year. The EIN (employer identification number) is 36-4486769 and the address is Catholic Education Institute, St. Helena Hall, Suite 202, 925 Hutchinson River Parkway, Bronx, New York 10465. The telephone is 718-823-8565. An audited financial statement for the Catholic Education Institute is
available upon request.